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Monday, September 17, 2012

Tillamook Oregon wedding {Darin and Amy}

Young, fun loving, genuine and quite the dancers.  That's summarises Darin and Amy.  Their wedding day was a spectacular event held in the family homestead of over 100 years.  This luscious space made for a stunning backdrop that suited the couple quite well as they are classy and down to earth.  From the evergreen all around to the details that Amy and her mother planned and coordinated this was a beautiful affair. The surroundings set just the right mood for their guests to enjoy a fabulous night of celebration!  

It is my pleasure to share with you all the beauty of this day!!
 Amy's sister and mother helped her get ready to see her groom.

 Mom had a little surprise for Amy.  Her grandmother's broach.  A dearly treasured family heirloom.
Darin too anxiously got ready to see the love of his life.  The couple opted for a first look in order to have some private time to just be and enjoy their day together. 

 Both looking stunning we were ready for the first look.......

 Clearly he was excited to see her!!

 Darin and Amy were not the only ones looking goooood!  Check little Ashton out.  He was is such a handsome little man!
We made some time to capture the first family portrait.
The wedding party was a great group of guys and girls who took great care of the couple.  They were simply fabulous- and fun!

 I know I've used the word fabulous, beautiful and stunning already but I fail to find any other words that accurately describe this ceremony.
 The vows were touching specially as Darin committed his life to Ashton and Amy.

 Another favorite moment: The epic kiss.... and Ashton leaning in for a peek! 

 The vintage details were amazing.

 The kids really seemed to enjoy the vintage dress up and I even spotted some grownups who enjoyed it as well.  That was no surprise, who doesn't love some vintage goodness!
 And speaking of goodness.......

The food was beautifully presented as well and the kids' are was a hit!

 The dances were so fun and once again Ashton stole the show.  Just look at how he loved on his sweet momma.  
 The last detail of the night was after the sun had set.  The guests danced the night away under candle light and twinkle lights.  Again.... beautiful.
 Darin and Amy,  your day was breath taking and it was my privilege documenting it.  My hope is that you can relieve this day each time you view your images and that they convey the love and joy that was felt through the day.  Many blessings to you both.  
with appreciation ~Xiomara
Special thanks to:
Dodi Holm- Assistant Photographer
Flora Designs- Floral Designer
Kaitlyn Dooher- Make-up Artist
Gillian DeHart- Hair Stylist
Jeanna Stephens and Tim & Sherah Berthelsen- Ceremony Musicians
Sue Jefferys- Cake Designer
Vance Rodrigues and Evan & Kate Pillar- Catering


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