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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Apple, apple everywhere..... {Custom Photography}

This session has been a year or so in the making.  When Courtney was still pregnant with Oliver we began discussing this family portrait.  But it goes back even further than that.  Back to when Elliot was just a little tot who wasn't even walking on his own.  We ventured out and captured their first family portrait.  Both Justyn and Courtney loved their portraits but when Oliver came along it seemed wrong to not have him included on the beautiful wall art.

Thus the planning began.  A time to capture the whole family. We talked about the right ages for the boys to capture their personalities and settled for a tentative time when Oliver might be old enough to have fun during the process.... and be able to sit on his own right next to big brother Elliot!! 

Then of course we began brainstorming the right look for their walls (they have quite a bit that they want to do with their portraits and I am so excited to help them every step of the way!), the outfits to complete the look and of course we threw in some unique touches that really capture this family's personality.... 

 Aren't these two the cutest couple ever?!!

Their personality and love shined through as a couple and as a little happy family.

But this one shows who they truly are.....  Seriously, if you know them at all you will find your head nodding just about now!

The image above just makes me laugh.  Oliver was really playing with the iphone.  Yup, these little ones are being raised right!!  Good job Mom and Dad!


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