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Monday, October 29, 2012

Custom Senior Portraits {Pacific City Photographer}

The air was crisp.  The morning dew fresh covered the ground.  Every which way you looked the fog was thick in it's typical coastal fall morning glory. A perfect day for a senior session!

As the fog quickly rolled away we began the session on the beach.  
I am a bit picky about the lighting so as soon as the sun was too "hot" we began to move inland a bit and made mom happy with a bit of a more "dressed-up" look.  You're welcome Christiné! ;)

After another outfit change we moved into a bit more of a shaded area.  I love the beach but at certain times in the day it simply is too bright to work in.  The light has to be just right after all. 
Moving into the shade we found this great spot to work in.  I was happy with the image above.  I really like it, however we all have our preferences as artists and I personally prefer the evening light. The golden light just makes my heart soar.  When working with Seniors however you don't always get to work on the best light possible or your favorite light.  So I decided on this shoot to play around a bit to artificially create my own golden light.   
I prefer this light.  A little more dramatic.  A bit of a flare.  And the warmth of the image..... LOVE!
And once I captured it I couldn't stop!  

Thanks for being such a trooper Joey and working with me to get just the right light.  
I hope you enjoy all your Senior Portraits and continue to enjoy the adventures of your Senior Year!! ~Xiomara


  1. Thanks Xio- You made this mom get sappy. His aunt also, she cried while looking at the pictures. You are so talented makng special times perfect. Praying you do not retire before the next 7 graduate. Christine

  2. you crack me up Christinè! Of course I'll photograph your next seven. I couldn't possibly retire.... what would I do with all this energy?!!


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