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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Personal // A day in her shoes.

Three hours of rest and the alarm goes off.  I should have been responsible and somehow managed to sleep but it seems worry hits with every appointment.  And it hit particularly hard that night.  Maybe somehow I knew this wasn't going to be just another check up as schedule.  Josh, being the biggest blessing we could have ever asked for helped us get out the door in time for the two hour drive.  Two hours there.  Two hours back.  That's just the norm for seeing great doctors that can care for her rare needs.  

Arriving a bit early at the office for what we thought would be a normal 30 minute check up, we sat and worked.  She had brought school work and I had my devotions and study.  An hour later we still sat.  Funny how you must practice patience a little harder when you have the Bible sitting next to you.... just sayin' :)  I find I'm learning all sorts of lessons alongside Naomi.

Finally being seen, Naomi was in for another surprise.  After a thorough exam it was decided that  it was time to document where she is in her care.  again.  Out came the camera. The molds and mirrors.  Naomi held her head high and helped along the way.  Sure, we had not planned -- and I had not prepared her as I do when I know all day visits are coming.  But she showed her true colors. Even being a bit excited about her fourth set of molds.  What an amazing person she is. What a young woman she is really becoming!

After these records are made we had another time of waiting for another appointment- we decided to no longer sit in the waiting room.  Instead we went out to lunch.  Over lunch we prayed.  We thanked.  We chose to smile and just go with what the day had in store.  Totally not what was planned but even so, it was the day we were given.  We went for a walk, we rode the tram, we climbed 9 floors of stairs, then treated ourselves to cookies!!  She spotted revolving doors and decided to do what Buddy the Elf would do.  And I stepped back and thanked my sweet Jesus for her.  Prodded, poked and understandably so having a day she could say was just lousy she chooses to laugh.  and giggle.  And hold my hand as she skips along.  What a gift.  What a treasure she is!

She keeps asking me the time, not wanting to be late for her next appointment.  We decide to head back to the office and arrive early.  Once there she realizes all her work completed, she is a bit bored.  I get out the iPad and suggest googling horses.  Then I realize I could search on Pinterest.  Not knowing exactly the kind of monster I will create with one pin!  And off she goes.  Oohing and awing.  She labels her pins with "so cute!" "Butiful" "the cutist" and my favorite "awsome".  

I have to admit, I love her artistic eye.  The beauty she sees all around. The way in which she sees her world.  The way in which she smiles whatever comes her way.  The way she loves.  Of course I am sounding a bit biased.   Going on and on about my perfect child.  But let me assure you, I don't think she's perfect.  I mean, look at that spelling of hers!  But she is Perfectly beautiful.  Perfectly created.  Perfectly treasured.  And yes, nearly perfect in every way.  You see, she may have a syndrome or whatever it is that the label is.  But that's not what makes her.  Or defines her.  She is first and foremost created and loved by a heavenly father.  A true artist that made her just as he saw fit.  And she is his handwork.  His perfect piece. He delights in her.  Loves on her.  Strengthens her and gives her hope.  That is my darling little princess.  Strong in knowing who she is because she knows who created her.  And who is ultimately in control as she journeys through her unique circumstances. 

So, now we know she takes after him and sees beauty everywhere.  But specially int the doctor's waiting room with iPad in hand! :)  


  1. Such a beautiful post from a beautiful momma for a beautiful girl!

    It moves me so, because we've been there more than once for the long appointments, we've ridden the tram, we've searched out lunch. We had Legos rather than horses on Pinterest. We were sobered by the results and continue to be thankful. Thank you for putting it all into such moving words. (((Hugs!)))

    Wendy M. (Nathanael's momma)

  2. It is bittersweet to know that you can relate and sympathize with issues that weight the heart. So thankful for your encouraging outlook and knowing that you understand means so much to me. Most of all thank you for choosing joy with us. It's a hard road some days, isn't? But one that is easier to travel with great company! :)


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