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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stylized Shoot // Bohemian Bride Stylized Photo Shoot

Each year I decide what I will be investing in the business.  Each year a good chunk of the budget goes to education.  I truly believe this industry rapidly changes and so I am always eager to invest in education.  When I signed up for United by Showit I thought that was the main reason I was going.  To learn about different techniques, off camera flash, reception lighting, stylized sessions and so on.  Little did I know that the images I would capture really wouldn't be the highlight of the trip.  

The challenge to live for more than self.  In our businesses.  In our family circumstances.  In our relationships with vendors, colleagues.  200+  photographers vowing to live a life of greater purpose.  A life of service.  Service to their families FIRST.  Then service to their clients. period.  No frills.  No gimmicks.  No tricks.  Simply serve for the purpose of living for more than ourselves.  Investing in others because that is what we are called to do.  THAT is what I ended up walking away with.  And of course pretty pictures. 

So here I am with oodles of imagery goodness but feeling like if I were to just write about "oh the beautiful light....oooh the stunning brides..."  I just wouldn't be true to what United was really about.  So with that said, here are some of the other {minor} things I learned {in the grand scheme of things}.  Shooting in direct golden light.  With 20+  photographers and three models.  It was challenging specially working with other photographers and trying to not be in others' shots but also trying to get complimentary angles.  Let's just say it was a fun challenge! The three models were spread out through the beach property.  some in direct light.  Some backlight and of course a few little details. We photographed about an hour and a half before sunset which gave us quite a bit of light changes.  Oh if only I could have just brought some of that gorgeous light with me dear Oregon.  Wouldn't you just be thrilled!  
The images will have to do! 
Special thanks to:
 Chad DiBlasio of DiBlasio Photography for organizing the shoot
David J and the Showit crew for establishing a community of photographers that live to serve.

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