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Friday, March 15, 2013

Fashion Friday // For the love of hats

I've been told it's normal.  This big obsession she has with horses and anything to do with a western lifestyle.  It is no longer just about horses but boots, and giving up dresses for jeans and even her TV watching choices have changed.  Heartland has become her new favorite.  We all began watching it last week and I have to say, I'm becoming a fan.  Slowly but surely.  

What won me over though were not the horses bu those cowboy hats!  I'm seriously considering one.  That show makes them look gooood! Cowgirl walking during that golden light of the day making her dark hair glow as the light hits her from behind- a light breeze causing her curls to dance.......  But let's face it there are some things some people can pull off and some can't.  Cowboy hats are on my list of don't even try.  But this awesome Nautical look that Emily {one amazing friend and awesome photographer!} is rocking right here.... now that's more my style!
I own more hats than I care to admit.  I confess; I am not just a shoe person but have a hat obsession to go with it.  So on this week's installment of Fashion Friday I've decided to share with you one of my biggest fashion obsessions:  Hats.  
Because they will always {always} be in style- just ask the British! ;)
 What I love most about hats (other than the obvious cure for hiding a bad hair day) is that they really can complete an outfit.  As long as it compliments the outfit rather than taking away from it and overpowering it all together that is {unless you want your hat to be the focal point- which I totally get.  I do this quite often actually}.  
Some fear hats as if they are too trendy.  I argue that they are actually a very classic peace to any wardrobe.  And if trendy is your style then I have something special for you!  Behold Flood Clothing.  
Flood clothing's founder Nicole Flood is a an artist based out of Portland. The foundation of her clothing line is defined by 100% recycled materials.  I own several of her hats and each is a work of art.  When I wear what some have come to call my "funky hats" I am always asked where I bought them.  I then tell them about Nicole and her art work.  My favorite piece to this day is my custom hat that she and I designed together.  If you are wanting an original piece for your wardrobe you can contact Nicole and I'm sure she would love to take care of you! 
{and No, she has no idea I'm writing today to gush about her.}
If a custom hat just isn't your style may I suggest a classic like the one shown here.  To begin a healthy hat obsession I suggest you start with a neutral palette and build from there as you get more comfortable.  And once you get comfortable enough can I suggest you wear one on your wedding?!!! 
I would love to photograph a hat loving bride!!
And once you have done all of the above why not move on to this look I just adore:
Tulle Skirt, hat and red lips., what's not to  LOVE!!!
All images {except for my work of Emily} from

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