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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fashion Friday // What was she thinking.... Fashion Mishaps.

Looking back on some of the early albums Josh and I put together as we started our little family unit, I laugh.  Hard!  There I am holding Jesse as an infant in what must have been THE thing to wear at the time.  It doesn't complement my small stature, my qualities all hidden and those areas that are not so flattering although hidden by fabric, are totally exposed and displayed.  

Then there I am holding Naomi and Jesse by my side, and again what stands out to me aside from those beautiful little babies is what in the world was their mother thinking wearing THAT?!

Please tell me I'm not alone.  Please tell me you too were tricked into whatever fad was the hottest at the time!  Perhaps you had more backbone than I did.  Or it didn't take you too long to figure out what took me far too many years.  

On today's Fashion Friday I want us to access why it is that we purchase certain pieces for our wardrobe.  Is it because everyone says it's the cutest, latest, hottest, must have {or I will die-- and I reassure you, you won't} item?  Or is it because we genuinely love the piece and can see it standing the hands of time.  Or a few seasons at least! 

This may be the extreme as I am sure many of you would never buy these pieces... but I have been known to assume too much at times. ;)  This is what the Fashion Industry is calling one of the hottest trends this spring and summer 2013.  
 Oversized white shirts, oversized shirt dresses, big ruffles (sold as 'statement frill'), and the big theme of 'exaggerated hot volume' is what many fashion blogs, magazines and designers are showcasing this year.  
So before this post gets too long let me just cut to the chase.  When choosing pieces for your wardrobe keep in mind your body.  I'm sure someone could totally rock the statement frill but let me tell you; my small 5'01" frame would drown in that.  So for me, I'll pass.  The oversized shirt may be in, but anything oversized on me makes me look like a veggietale character hopping about with no waist and figure.  Exaggerated volume may work for some but I suggest accessing your body before jumping in to what some are calling a must have trend.  

So all that to say......  
Put the fashion magazine down.  
Close out the fashion blog.  
Log off of Pinterest-- gasp... 
And access what pieces you A) need and B) complement the figure you were blessed with.  
Nice and simple.  Happy Friday Friends!!

All Images: Pinterest

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