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Friday, March 29, 2013

Fashion Friday // The bride edition

The wedding gown is the most important piece a woman will ever wear.  It will be the most photographed piece that she ever purchases after all!  Every bride has a wonderful story to share about her gown.   Finding your wedding dream gown is an amazing experience that can only be added to with the next important purchase -accessories!!  

Here's a few tips for finding the perfect jewelry for your perfect gown:
 Don't Delay:  You want your wedding jewelry to compliment your gown so put as much effort in your finding and purchasing. Don't wait till a few weeks before to make your final purchase.  Rather start shopping for your jewelry pieces as soon as you have finalized your gown.  
Plan Accordingly: Your budget that is!  Be sure to add this expense to your wedding budget and work to stick to that budget.  If you are talented enough to make your own pieces, be sure to take your time creating your vision and acquiring your jewels.  
Match pieces:  Some of the sweetest moments I get to capture are between the mother of the bride and the bride.  Many times mothers bring in a gift for their sweet girls to wear.  Moms, be sure you are helping your daughter coordinate the pieces she buys to the family heirloom you will be gifting her.  Bride, you may want to let mom in on what your purchasing plans are and give her an opportunity to guide you-- just a little! 
Keep your theme in mind:  When purchasing your jewelry keep your wedding decor, your wedding location and your wedding theme in mind.  The featured bride is a beach bride and as such the textures and gold fit perfectly in the theme.  They add but do not over power the total look but rather pull the beach bride look all together perfectly.  
And lastly, Be Personal:  Be sure that your perfect accessory really complements who you are.   Be true to your unique style whether that be classic or trendy... Just be sure it's "you"!

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