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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

PASS {The new way to store and share your wedding photos}

PASS.  Every time I tell a new bride about it I just get the "wow, seriously?  I get my own custom app with my wedding pictures?!"  Truly that is an awesome feature.  But we are getting way ahead of ourselves....

What in the world is PASS?  Aside from being fire, flood and even ninja proof? In the simplest form; PASS is an image sharing application (app).  It was designed by non other than the geniuses I love so much at ShowIt. Yes, again I am gushing all over my website company.  But when they are this cool a girl can't help but gush. And gush some more!!  These guys are always one step ahead and helping photographers wow their clients and serve them WELL.  That is our goal as a community.  Service and using our talents for more than ourselves.... and hugging.  Lots of hugging.  

So again, what is this app?  Well, simply put PASS enables me to create a custom app for each of my clients.  With PASS each of my clients can view, share, download, and even order prints from their wedding from their very own app.  As soon as the images are edited I upload them for each client.  Then I send them a notification to which they immediately have all their wedding images at their fingertips.  When they download their custom app to their smart phone and/or tablet their treasured images are accessible anywhere they might be! That means that when they are at the gym they can show their trainer or workout pal their wedding images via their iPhone.  Hanging out with the family and away from the laptop?  No problem.  Simply show off the images via your iPad.  Aunt Suzy wants an 8x10 of the kiss for her mantel?  No problem!  You can order professional quality prints straight from your iPhone, iPad, or anywhere you can access PASS!   

The simplest way to download your wedding images to your iPad is just THREE clicks away:

And...... on a smart phone:

There is so much to love about PASS.  One of my favorite features is the social media sharing features. Most of my brides spend countless hours working on the smallest of details for their wedding day.  So many of their weddings are Pinterest worthy for sure!  With PASS a simple click and their beautiful details are pinned! 

But it gets better!  {This is where I start sounding like an infomercial y'all}.  With PASS my clients can star their favorite images and share those favorites to Facebook in their own Facebook album....automatically with a click of a button- and their friends will be able to leave some love!  

Not only will I be using it for couples but also for those clients that purchase all their high resolution files from their session.  No longer will they have to wait for a CD but instantly they will have their images at their fingertips to order prints from a professional lab, share via social media, email, pin and whatever else they decide to do.  

Again, I'm so thankful to have found such an awesome company that allows me to serve my clients well.  I know this is something that each of my clients will love.  To have their images.  To have freedom and to be able to share them with the world. Yeeeee-haaaaw!  yeah, I just went there...... because that's how excited I am to PASS! 

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