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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fashion Friday // Tulle Skirts because they are not just for little girls anymore!

Okay, seriously how in the world is it March already?!  

Where did January go?  Surely I must not the the only one that feels the need to find the pause button for 2013.  The only good thing, I think, about March already being upon us it that spring is on the way.  And you know what spring means..... wardrobe change!!  ..... you didn't think I was going to say the easter bunny or spring flowers, right?  ;)

I normally take a mid morning break while I work and during that time I catch up on a load of laundry that needs folding, clean the counters or quickly scrub the bathroom.  Today I became a rebel. I decided that I would window shop. These are on the top of my wish list right now.  

Tulle skirts.  Because they are not just for little girls anymore.  
And because it's always fun to dress up for date night!  
Speaking of date nights.... Josh and I are going to be taking dance lessons for date nights this spring... Eeeek!  What is more, the fact that he is looking forward to this time makes me even more excited.  I just had to share out of excitement.  Perhaps I'll write a bit more about how awesome Josh is on another post but now back to Tulle Skirts.  They are a must.  Go get one! And if you find a mint one PLEASE call me.  Pronto! 

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