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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Personal // Date nights and how we are breaking Josh of doing the Q-tip

He is a romantic.  Don't let him fool you.  When I leave town, I always come home to 1) a tidy home 2) clean sheets and 3) fresh flowers.  He has done this from the time we were first married and I would take Jesse, a newborn at the time, to visit family so that he could fully study for midterms and get his goal grades.... yeah, he's kind of a smarty pants, this guy of mine.  And yet in the midst of a time where he should have been focusing on his studies he still made time to show me love.

He is the type of guy who brings me flowers just because.  Or better yet he wakes me with a Starbucks Latte in hand.... what a guy!!!

Showing each other that WE {our relationship} is a priority has always been important to us. That is why date night is a must in our home. As we counsel couples at church we constantly go back to that priority.  We truly believe that for a loving and growing marriage the WE must be a priority.  And we also know from experience that if you don't make the time and effort to plan, showing love will naturally fall in the back burner due to life situations.  A thought out plan needs to happen or else life just happens and before you know it, you aren't holding hands anymore.  Or flirting becomes a thing of the past.  And we all know flirting is the best part! Specially when it makes your 12 year old gag! ;)

This week we began a different date night- let's be honest, dinner and a movie can get a bit boring.  Specially when you have been married for 14 years.  So we decided, yes "WE" {Josh actually wanted to do this and he gets bonus points for this y'all!} that we would take ball room dance lessons!!!

Our first night was so fun. Very hard and challenging for us both- He can't keep a beat and my legs aren't what they should be due to a chronic illness but, WE had FUN!!! And we had fun practicing at home and tonight we will continue to dance away. Sure, we may mess up. I may step on his toes a few too many times, he may twirl me too hard but at least he isn't doing the Q-tip anymore..... or at least the kids and I hope that this will cure him of it!


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