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Friday, April 19, 2013

Fashion Friday // What to wear for your senior pictures

Where did the week go?!!  Is it just me or wasn't it just Monday? It's been a fun week to say the least as emails are starting to come in to book 2014 Senior Portrait Sessions.  Which made this week double the fun.  And getting asked to help plan what a senior wears... well, triple the fun doesn't even cut it!!  

So I confess, I've been online "shopping" with a local high school senior and reminiscing how fun Senior year was.  With all the virtual shopping and Pinterest board making we've done, I thought a post just for 2014 Seniors would be helpful as you prepare for your {only happens once in a lifetime} Senior Shoot! 
The first thing I tell my clients is that the session and the clothing should really be a representation of who they are in the everyday life.  This really opens things up quite a bit.  Some people for instance aren't really expressive in their clothing and that's perfectly okay.  In this instance I've found that my clients wish help with how to look their best and yet still remain true to who they really are.  I confess if asked to, I am always eager to help "shop" locally and online.  {can we say job perk!!}  For the most part the High Schoolers that I work with are drawn to fun fashion and so I have tried to tailor this post to meet both of these unique needs.   

Most of all I wish this post to be an inspiration: A starting point for you as you plan what to wear for your Senior Session.  Keeping in mind the subject is always the focus and the outfit, well, that's just supposed to compliment the person shinning inside! 

This week we will focus on what to wear for a Summer Session as this is what we are currently planning here.  And may I take this moment to gently remind you the summer months book the fastest for photographers.  Already June is half way booked for my little studio and it's only April!  So with that in mind be sure to call your favorite photographer pronto so you don't miss out on the beautiful weather and limited summer time they may have! 

First tip:  Don't forget the accessories, they can add texture and flare to any given outfit! 

For your senior portrait we photograph quite a few of just torso-up-close-shots as those are ones you will want for your wallets and announcements.  Not to mention that is what the local high schools require for your yearbook image submission.  With that in mind the top is quite important to your overall look.  

We all know that bright colors are in right now and I love the following for a beach session.  So fresh and vibrant.  Of course not all guys will love the skinny colored jeans so I did throw in some other ideas that are still fresh and fun! 
Girls: Floral Print ankle length //  Mint Skinny Chinos // Coral Polka Dot Ankle Jeans

One thing I cannot address enough is how important feet and shoes are.  If you are photographed at the beach please know I will ask you to remove your shoes so great looking toes are a must!  Also being sure that your footwear is clean and compliments the overall look of your outfit and session is crucial.  Here are a few of my favorite shoes for Senior Sessions right now. 

This little hint is to make mom's day.  Your mom is the the one who normally helps put these sessions together and the one thing I've learned through the years is that the majority of moms are wanting "at least one where you dress up".  This is never really a problem for most girls I photograph but it's where the guys are concerned that they are a bit lost.  So here are my top picks for the outfit that is a bit more dressy.  And just for the record, for me, the dressier the better!! ;)

I hope this list of my favorites steers you in the right direction and provides plenty of inspiration as you prepare for your upcoming Senior Shoot!

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