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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Baby Brayton // I can sit session

I love that some sessions feel more like play dates!  This was one such session.  Over the years that I've been photographing Kirstin and her family, they've become more than just clients but rather good friends.  Perhaps that is the reason why these images feel more genuine and real to the everyday life these two have formed at their beautiful homestead. 
It is hard to believe that just 6 months ago I was documenting little Brayton's newborn portraits and now here we are documenting his ability to sit up strong like a good country boy!  Oh goodness what a cutie he is, isn't he?!!!
From chunky little newborn to a big boy that rolls over and sits and giggles for hours.....That's the truth of life life with children, they grow and change and there is nothing we mommas can do to stall that rapid change.  So we document it.  Because, like I told Kirstin, these little toes will one day fit adult size 10 shoes.......
So here's to celebrating each day friends.  Whatever stage you find yourself in.  The sleepless nights when they need you constantly or the sleepless nights when you worry till they make it home safe.  Each day is to be documented- and celebrated!!!!  Life is short.  Let's hold tight to each other and live it!!!  


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