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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Love Stories // Victor and Shannon at Youngberg Hill Vineyard

She decided to spend the day resting.  She got a little hungry and took her book with her to the local sub shop.  There she sat, enjoying a quiet afternoon and her favorite book.  Peace.  Quiet. ahhhh......  When it was all interrupted.  A brave Marine leaned over and asked for her name.  Bold and brave- that's Victor.  

That's not the end of the story- a little more can be said about the smart girl who wasn't going to be charmed that easily.  As she started to leave the restaurant Victor was brave again and this time his honesty won over Shannon.
Fast forward to last August when once again Victor surprised Shannon as he got down on one knee aboard a Navy vessel and asked if she would forever be his.  By his side, his son also on one knee saying "Please say yes!".
Okay, friend let's get past the joyful tears of the sweetest proposal we ever did hear and rejoice with this sweet couple who have been planning the destination wedding of the year!  

I cannot wait for this summer when they celebrate their love among family and friends at the beautiful Youngberg Hill Vineyard.  I am so excited for our time at the "Oregon Destination Venue" of the year as well as the award for the best all inclusive venue in Oregon! Knowing these two a little better now after getting to photograph their love story, I KNOW this is going to be one FUN party!
Victor and Shannon have been separated for  over 8 months as he served overseas.  This was their first week after his coming home and so we decided to celebrate their reunion vintage style!
Shannon is an organized bride-to-be who planned this session with me via Pinterest months before.  I love when two visions meet to form moments like this picnic scene!
Victor and Shannon, Thank you for making this session fun and amazing!  I know it was a lot of work to plan all of these details out a week after getting home from deployment- and plan it all in another state, not to mention the Oregon weather threatening your day all week long!  I'm so thankful that the sun parted for us and that you were able to dance among the vines.  Here's to making your wedding day another memorable experience!!!  ~Xiomara

A heartfelt thank you to:
the Staff at Youngberg Hill
Bethany Tate of Dior Make-up


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