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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Glam Shoots // Kristen

Every month we put out a newsletter as a studio.  We like it to be more than just session highlight- although we do highlight some fun sessions, we want it to be something that is helpful and beneficial to our readers.  Sometimes we will include a favorite recipe, other times it will include tips on photographing, throwing a party, decorating for an event or other things that we personally enjoy doing.  Some of the ways we like to give back is by doing little giveaways from time to time.  

In the past we've given away engagement sessions, love story sessions, date nights, coffee cards.... again some of our favorite things.  For the month of May, we had a great giveaway for a glam session.  One of newest techniques we are currently learning and really getting excited about.  The response was amazing and today I get to showcase the lucky winner!  

Before doing so, I wanted to thank Holly and Jackie of Shear Bliss Salon.  Holly arranged a day in the salon for us to come in and treat the girls that booked sessions like royalty.  And Jackie worked from the time she came in to the time she closed the shop- in fact even missing her lunch just to ensure that each woman felt her best self.  She provided both hair and makeup and did such an amazing job!  Thank you so much Holly and Jackie!!  I couldn't have done this without you both!!  And Jackie thank you SO MUCH for your amazing work ethic- and energy!!

If you are interested in these limited sessions be sure to sign up for our newsletter as Holly and I are already talking about a limited session happening in October!!

Now with all that said and done let's focus on this beautiful girl!  
Kristen was simply amazing to photograph.  A total natural, can't you tell?!!
Kristen, you radiate!  Thank you so much for trusting me with these images!  And on your 5th wedding anniversary to boot!!  :)
Stay tuned for more of these fun sessions!  There are many more that need to be blogged-- and will be as soon as I get more caffeinated! ;)  ~Xiomara

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