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You may contact me by phone 503-801-6313 or by email at

HOW CAN I GET MY SESSION IMAGES (OR THE BLOG IMAGES) ON MY FACEBOOK?Two weeks after your photo session we will meet for your session premier.  At that time I will help you design a collection that best suits your needs.  Once that order has been placed, I upload your chosen collection images FREE on my Imago Dei Photography Facebook Page.  I will be sure to tag you so that your friends may see your beautiful portrais.  All I ask is that you not crop or edit my images.  Please.  Thank you!

Spending money on a professional photographer is all to often considered a questionable luxury.  Specially now that most people can purchase a digital point and shoot or even DSLR.  My buttom line answer is this: You are paying for a professional who has the expertise to capture life and make it into a lasting memory.  Contrary to popular belief, the actual pictures (the paper in which they are printed) are just a fraction of this highly-involved process. 
Baby Photographers said it best "Consider this example: A pair of scissors at your local drugstore is just a few dollars. You can choose to cut and style your hair yourself. However, almost everyone will agree that your hair will look much better if you hire a professional stylist. This example rings true with professional photography. Consider the amount of time and effort involved in a photo shoot. It is estimated that a photographer spends six to eight hours with a client before ever snapping a picture. Besides the initial consultation to determine your goals, a photographer spends many hours preparing a shoot location, editing and cropping your child’s photos and reviewing proofs."  And the above does not cover all the aspects of the shoot, the ordering, delivery, the list goes on and on. 
There is so much more to creating photographic art then pushing a camera button and sending a photo off to be printed. Professional quality takes time and expertise. The investment is worth it when you find the right photographic artist for your family’s goals. Plus, the end result is a cherished portrait that you and your family will value for many decades, and who can put a price on family heritage?
I am very proud to be a member of PPA (Professional Photographer's of America). When I first opened my studio joining PPA was one of the fist decisions I made. Joining PPA has opened doors for me as well as challenged me with educational opportunities from Webimars to full day classes to seminars. I honestly know I would not be where I am today were it not for PPA, for they continue to encourage me to grow my craft and give me tools to grow my business.

Among many benefits they provide me the Indemnification Trust, a full-time copyright affairs staff, crucial business information and much, much more.
But my favorite PPA benefit? Friendships! (stay tune for my next blog on this one benefit) Seriously I have met some wonderful people in the industry through PPA. People who spur me on in my craft. People who support me and lend a hand. I gotta tell you, this industry is getting overcrowded (in my opinion) and sometimes can be very cut throat but I have never felt this with PPA members. We are a supportive bunch of professionals who simply wish to raise the photography bar to the status it once was. This is clear in our code of Ethics.
" [I] agree to strive at all times to upgrade and improve my knowledge and skill of professional photography, marketing and related areas. In all my dealings with users of photography and the general public I will: Strive to present all photographic services in surroundings and in a manner which reflects the highest levels of professionalism. 2. Use the highest levels of honesty, professionalism and integrity."
"4. In all dealings with fellow professional photographers, students and others who aspire to be professional photographers, I shall share the knowledge and skill of professional photography. 5. Support efforts for and assist int he education of all interested persons and the general public in the art and science of professional photography"
So here I make my agreement with PPA public. *right hand raised* I, Xiomara Gard solemnly swear to uphold the PPA code of ethics each and everyday to make a better photographic world! :)

I suggest that you call me as soon as you know you want me to photograph your family, child or do a special portrait (senior, maternity and so on) as I do book rather quickly.

The reason for that is that is that I only book photo shoots on Friday and Saturdays. I also only book one photo shoot per day to keep up with all the work that goes into each photo session.

You must understand that when you commission me to capture your portraits I commit an average of 20 hours to your session alone. This time includes a one hour weekday appointment (10am to 2pm appointments available) where together we plan the session. We discuss clothing, locations, and your vision to make sure that the end result is exactly what you had imagined.

In addition to the planning session, there is the time I spend on scouting a location for your unique sitting, as well as the time of the actual photo shoot, the editing process, and the Session Premier.

The Session Premier is the last time we meet. I bring along a DVD slide show of all your edited images set to beautiful music. (You will need Kleenex ladies!). We go through your edited images one at a time and I help you decide on wall hangings, canvas portraits as well as design a collection for your specific and unique needs.

At this session I bring samples of all the products you may purchase- this really helps clients see what a 20x30 canvas would like on your mantel as they discover it's not as huge as it sounds!
After your Session Premier all your edited images will be uploaded to a password protected online gallery. This is for your family and friend's enjoyment and also allows family to order online if they so choose.

As you can see, custom portraiture is time consuming and requires plenty of time to plan. So long story short, yes I do book quickly as my time is limited

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